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Does Express Furniture Rental Deliver?

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Furniture rental is an essential tool that can help you temporarily furnish a space you are living or working in. That way, you do not have to spend a ton of money buying all the new pieces you will need to sell or move at the end of a short stay. When you rent furniture, convenience is vital, and having the option of delivery will make your life a lot easier since the furniture you need will come directly to you.

Our Locations

Express Furniture Rental has multiple locations that offer delivery within a wide geographical area. The furniture rental stores under the Express Furniture Rental umbrella are located in the areas around the West Coast, including Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and Fresno. We also have locations in Phoenix and Tucson. Each location offers delivery to the surrounding towns and municipalities.

When you are within the delivery zone, you can expect to rent furniture packages and receive your delivery in a timeframe that works for you.

How Much Does Furniture Rental Cost?

With the delivery out of the way, you also want to consider your rental costs. Those costs can vary depending on various factors, including the particular furniture you select and how long you will keep it for. Depending on your package, you can plan on rates starting at just a couple hundred bucks a month for the most basic option for students or active military personnel.

With your furniture rental package, you will receive quality furniture rentals worth the cost for convenience and comfort. When you visit a furniture rental shop or online furniture rental store, you can look through the available options and choose a package that matches your style and budget. You have the flexibility to select furniture that meets your wants and your needs.

Rent Beautiful Furniture Today!

Working with a furniture rental service can help you rent furniture you love without paying a significant expense. And with easy delivery, your experience with furniture rental companies will be as positive as possible. Rent furniture online today to make the experience even more accessible and to start enjoying the beauty and comfort of your great furniture, no matter where you live.

If you want to rent beautiful and affordable furniture today, then please visit our website here to get started.

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