Why Rent Furniture in Phoenix?

Arizona is most known for scenic desert vistas, but make no mistake - military personnel assigned to the Barry M. Goldwater Range Airforce Base in Phoenix, AZ, can expect some of the highest quality temporary housing in the US military. With lots of outlets for recreation and professional medical care available, those who call this base home can have a comfortable living experience.

Phoenix is home to no fewer than 15 universities and colleges, hosting nearly 192,000 students. That means there are a lot of people who need temporary housing, which also means there are a lot of units to furnish. Some landlords will provide furniture for the apartment, while some just lease the unit. Students (or anyone else in need of furniture) will understandably balk at buying furniture that they may not be able to take with them when they leave. In that situation, short-term rental furniture can be a great alternative.

There are a lot of reasons why furniture rental is a practical way to furnish your living space. Furniture rental may be the solution you need if you are:

  • Military personnel
  • A university or college student
  • Living in temporary housing
  • Living in corporate housing
  • Staging your home for sale

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