Portland Furniture Rental

Why Rent Furniture in Portland?

There's a popular slogan about Portland, OR, and it's only three words long: keep Portland weird. It's not enough to deter 70,330 students attending one of the 12 colleges and universities found in this Pacific Northwest city. Students who want to bring the character of the city into their temporary housing can do so by renting furniture to suit their preferences.

There are a lot of reasons why furniture rental is a practical way to furnish your living space. Furniture rental may be the solution you need if you are:

  • Military personnel
  • A university or college student
  • Living in temporary housing
  • Living in corporate housing
  • Staging your home for sale

Express Furniture Rental is proud to be a President's level sponsor of the Corporate Housing Providers Association
and a member of the International Furniture Rental Association.
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