Rent Furniture for Home Staging

Importance of Home Staging

If you want to sell your home fast, you need to stage it properly. One of the best ways to stage a home quickly and easily is by renting furniture.

Stage Your Home or Apartment to Sell!

At this point, you’ve heard a lot about the benefits of home staging. But that leads to questions such as, how do I stage rented furniture? Or, how much does it cost to rent designer furniture for staging? Or where to rent furniture for home staging? For staging furniture, home stagers or real estate agents will often use a home staging warehouse and upsell the price to you. In some cases, they might have you find rental furniture for staging near you on your own. Whether you’re getting help from an expert or staging your home yourself, here are a few things to consider.

Home staging furniture rental

To entice buyers, you will want to keep your space as open and walkable as possible while still accentuating the lived-in feel of the home. This means choosing furniture rentals that aren’t oversized or overbearing and that match the rest of the room. It’s also a good idea to stay on the neutral side of things, which helps buyers to easily superimpose their own personalities onto the home’s future instead of being reminded of its past. As for the price, furniture leasing for staging can be one of the higher prices you spend on staging, but the end cost varies on how much you need to rent and for how long—but it’s always cheaper than just buying new furniture outright.

Home staging artwork rental

Artwork is another great way to spruce up a room, fill all that empty space on walls, and show buyers the potential of the space. There are many home staging art rentals that will rent to you with no interest. However, many of them have a minimum rental period of 2 months before renting on a month-by-month basis. After that, you can also exchange the artwork, purchase it, or end the rental agreement. The price of doing this depends on the value of the art piece, the duration of the rental, and a few other factors. If it’s a big piece, it may also require a fee for a professional to properly install.

Home staging accessories rental

Short-term rental staging includes the smaller, more detailed pieces of a room as well. Besides artwork, there are many small things that make a big difference in adding beauty to a space. For instance, potted plants and other greenery really brighten and freshen up a room—whether real or fake! Books, baskets, and blankets are other favorites of home stagers to add a homey but stylish feel. Some home staging or designer furniture rental stores have such accessories and even sell them with the furniture in affordable packages.

How Does it Work?

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Staging Rental Furniture FAQs

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is all about potential. People stage a home to show buyers everything that their space has to offer. There are various levels of home staging—on a smaller level, it can mean clearing away clutter, rearranging furniture, and buying or renting a few signature pieces. At the other end of extremes, it can involve every room being entirely repainted and filled with designer furniture for staging. Wherever you fall, it’s an added tactic to sell a home, and quick!

What Are the Benefits of Home Staging?

As already mentioned, home staging is a great tool in getting your home sold quickly—and because it will bring in more buyers, it can often lead to a higher sale price by the end. Especially when there’s a lot of competition around you, home staging helps you stand out amongst the crowd of for-sale homes. Last, it’s great for people who have little to no skill themselves in making a room look appealing, as choosing furniture rental for house staging means you’ll only have the best of the best items.

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