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5 Corporate Housing Hacks to Improve Your Quality of Life in Portland

Downtown view of Portland

Temporary assignments are exciting yet intimidating. Maybe you feel uncertain because you do not know what will happen or how long the temporary assignment will last. Continue reading to learn about making your temporary housing feel homey and discover some unique sights in Portland.

Find Two Hobbies: One to Stay Fit and Another to Stay Social

Hobbies are important because they allow you to loosen up and make deeper connections with those around you. Portland has a saying, “keep Portland weird.” Embrace its weirdness and do some of these things in your spare time:

  • People watch at Portland’s Living Room (Pioneer Courthouse Square)
  • Hike to the Witch’s Castle in Forest Park
  • Try one of the distinctive ice cream flavors at Salt & Straw
  • Play glow-in-the-dark mini golf at Glowing Greens
  • Say hi to the Belmont goats near the University Park neighborhood
  • Find your inner bookworm at Powell’s Books
  • Drink a flaming Spanish coffee at Huber’s
  • Meet the oldest working Drag Queen at Darcelle XV
  • Admire the oddities at the Freakybuttrue Peculiarium
  • Meditate at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden
  • Explore Portland’s unique districts (especially Alberta, Pearl, and Mississippi)
  • See a live performance at Shakespeare in the Park
  • Food truck hop wherever you can
  • Do a spirit tasting at a local distillery
  • Attend the annual naked bike ride in the summer
  • Watch a roller derby match at Rose City Rollers
  • Head to the Ace Hotel and take fun snapshots at the old photo booth
  • Shop at the Saturday Market

There is so much to see and do in Portland, so embrace this beautifully strange and quirky city. You will not regret all the fun memories you make here while on a temporary assignment.

Rent (Don’t Buy) Your Furniture

Opting to rent furniture means you will get all the furniture you need delivered and set up by professionals instead of doing all the back-breaking work yourself. On top of that, you will not have to waste time picking out furnishings or taking it all out after your temporary assignment.

Since you are away from home temporarily, renting instead of buying furniture is an efficient solution. If you choose to do furniture rental in Portland, Express Furniture Rental is here for you. We offer several different packages to fit both your budget and needs in your new home away from home.

Unpack and Decorate ASAP

Temporary housing often feels cold and bare, which is why it is important to unpack and make the space feel homey as soon as possible. If you put it off for too long, you may end up burning the midnight oil at work and frequently avoid going home.

Even though this is not your permanent residence, you need to feel at least comfortable enough to wind down and relax there at the end of the day. Here are some ideas to make corporate housing feel homier:

  • Add floor lamps or accent lighting to create a sense of warmth
  • Put down a decorative rug in the living room to add a pop of color
  • Find bedroom curtains that are luxurious yet functional
  • Put up exciting wall art in an area that feels bare
  • Breathe new life into your living space with either fake or live plants
  • Light a scented candle that reminds you of home

See The Sights

Before you leave Portland, take time to check out some of its unique sights:

  • Washington Park (it has multiple attractions such as the zoo, rose test gardens, etc.)
  • Pittock Mansion
  • The Grotto
  • Mount Tabor Park (it has a gorgeous view)
  • Tilikum Crossing Bridge
  • Forest Park
  • Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)
  • Hoyt Arboretum
  • Oaks Amusement Park
  • Multnomah Falls and the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area

Ask your coworkers what their favorite must-see attractions are because the locals will know about all the other neat sights in the city.

Consider Making it Permanent

Temporary reassignments have often turned into permanent positions for people. If you find that you like your new gig and want to continue working with your team in Portland, consider ways you can cement yourself into a permanent position. You can get the ball rolling by showing dedication and commitment to your temporary assignment. Treat it as a permanent job and show your boss that you love what you do. Tell your supervisor to keep you in mind if a permanent position opens up. They will be more likely to consider you if you tell them you are here to stay.


We wish you the best in your temporary work assignment in Portland and hope it is a positive experience. Express Furniture Rental is the top Portland furniture rental company, so call us today and ask about our furniture rental packages.

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