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How to Make Seattle Corporate Housing Feel Like Home

Home furniture rentals in Seattle featured inside corporate housing

If you’re working on a temporary assignment in Seattle and living in corporate housing, you may find it challenging to make your living space feel like home. However, with a little effort and creativity, you can create a comfortable and welcoming space for yourself. One of the ways to go about this is by renting furniture in Seattle, which saves you precious time searching for new furnishings. The best part is, the furniture rental company will come and move everything out whenever you need to leave. Continue reading to learn even more tips you can use to help make your Seattle corporate housing feel like home.

Tip 1: Rent Furniture

One of the most effective ways to make your temporary housing feel more like home is by renting furniture. Some apartments may already come furnished, but you may not find all the furnishings comfortable or practical.

Furniture rental companies in Seattle offer a variety of rental furniture, from sofas and chairs to beds and dressers. You can even add personal touches with floor lamps or rugs. By renting furniture, your space will feel homier without you worrying about moving or storing all the furnishings once you leave. Seattle furniture rental makes it convenient for anyone to establish their new home away from home and make it feel comfortable.

Tip 2: Add Personal Touches

Another way to make your corporate housing feel like home is to add personal touches. You could bring your favorite books, photos, or other personal items with you. On top of that, you could display art on the walls or place decorative pillows and blankets on the couch.

These small touches can significantly affect how you feel about your new living space. Feel free to browse through the furniture and decor stores in Seattle area and pick out some unique and affordable pieces to add to your temporary housing.

Tip 3: Get to Know the Neighborhood

Exploring the neighborhood is another way you can feel more at home in Seattle. Spend time walking around the area and familiarize yourself with the local shops, restaurants, and parks. Over time, you will discover your favorite spots become acquainted with locals who can help you feel more connected to the community. Joining local groups or clubs is a perfect way to make friends with similar interests, which can bring a sense of joy into your life during your temporary work assignment.

Tip 4: Stay Connected

Staying in touch with friends and family back home is another way you can feel more at home in Seattle. Schedule regular calls or video conversations with friends and loved ones and share your experiences with them. As you make an effort to stay in touch, you may also find out about people you know who have connections in Seattle too.


Seattle corporate housing can be a comfortable and convenient option for workers on temporary assignment, but the space itself may need some sprucing up. By renting furniture, adding personal touches, exploring the neighborhood, and staying connected with loved ones, you can start to make your temporary home in Seattle feel like a true home away from home.

If you want to rent furniture in Seattle, look no further than Express Furniture Rental. Contact one of our team members today and find out how you can begin renting furniture in Seattle.

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