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5 Tips For Improving Your Experience on a Short Term Assignment

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Short-term assignments can be challenging because they often come with little or no training, so you must learn as you go. You cannot get too settled into the position since you know you will eventually leave the assignment (probably sooner than later). At the same time, short-term assignments provide opportunities for tremendous growth, both personally and professionally. You get to meet new people and be in a new area for the time being. If you are moving somewhere new on a short-term work assignment, continue reading to learn about our tips to help you make the most out of the experience.

Get Comfortable

It will be hard to feel comfortable in your new place if you do not even want to be there. Since you will not have access to all of the comforts of your own home, make the most out of your new space. Renting furniture is one of the main things to consider. After all, a living area is not very “liveable” if you have nowhere to sit and relax. Plus, renting furniture saves you an extra step from having to move existing furniture with you.

There are several benefits to renting furniture when you are on a short-term assignment. Since you already know you will live temporarily, renting furniture you can use in the meantime is quite reasonable. The options available in furniture rental are functional and will suit your basic needs in your home away from home.

Broaden Your Network

You never know if a new job opportunity is right around the corner. Do not be afraid to get to know your new coworkers because someone may become your contact for potential work later down the road. You have to be proactive when broadening your network. If you feel it is appropriate, invite one of your new coworkers or supervisors out for coffee to open up a conversation with them.

Even if you feel nervous, force yourself to attend company functions and gatherings to broaden your network further. Some of these people may even become lifelong friends, so take the time to mingle with your new work buddies.

Aim to Make a Strong Impression

Consciously make a good impression on your bosses and those in leadership positions during your short-term assignment. It is likely they will already be keeping an eye on you regardless, so showcase your work ethic and dedication to your short-term assignment. As the newest team member, you never know what kind of positive impact you can make in this place. Do your part and act as a positive team player. It could be that this temporary job turns into your new full-time job if you play your cards right.

Find a Way to Spend your Free Time Right Away

Whether you like taking long drives or going on hikes, do something fun to help you escape the daily grind of work. Attend local community events such as farmers’ markets or free movie nights in the park. If you have an irregular shift schedule, think of activities you can do to unwind at home. Laid-back activities like crocheting, learning the art of origami, reading ebooks, listening to podcasts, or simply watching your favorite shows are great ways to pass the time.

Tending to your favorite hobbies during your short-term assignment is essential. Do what you need to do to have fun while you are away. The last thing you should do is waste your free time doing nothing at your place. Go out with some of your new friends and live a little; you deserve to make fun memories while on your short-term assignment.

Make this a Learning Opportunity

Above all, your short-term assignment can be a great learning opportunity. Take advantage of this time and try to learn something from everyone you encounter in your new assignment. Reflect on your daily experiences to help ingrain what you learned into your long-term memory. You could also consider keeping a journal. Write down things you observed at the end of each day to better remember what did and did not work during your short-term assignment.


Temporary work assignments are not easy, but they always provide potential growth opportunities. We hope you can apply some of these tips during your next short-term work assignment. Wherever life takes you, learn from your experiences and connect with people along the way. If you would like to decorate your temporary living space with affordable furniture tastefully, then please visit our website for all of our great options.

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