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5 Interior Design Tips to Make Your Bedroom a Masterpiece

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The restrictive rules of living in rented or temporary housing can really discourage renters from making a bedroom into their own space. In many situations, renters can’t paint the walls, hang up pictures, update the flooring, or make any other permanent changes. When the options feel so limited, how can you decorate and make a bedroom your own?

Believe it or not, it’s possible to stick within the rules and still find ways to add a lot of personality and fun to your surroundings. Follow our interior design tricks to make your bedroom more personal, comfortable, and beautiful.

Maximize Space

The best thing you can do right now is to make your space as efficient as possible. The smaller your bedroom, the more essential it is to keep things minimalistic and not have clutter all over your surfaces or in your corners. Otherwise, you’ll have little to no space to move around and live in your bedroom! So, how can you maximize space?

First of all, evaluate your possessions and declutter. Are there any items you dislike or never use? Start by giving them away or throwing them away. What about the items you love and use frequently? Keep them and store them in a way that is neat and easy to access. Decluttering is an important step that maximizes the space in your bedroom—for free!

Once your bedroom possessions are decluttered, it’s time to organize them. Hanging closet storage and over-the-door organizers are a cheap and fast way to store your things. Another way to increase the storage in your room is by bringing in storage-friendly furniture. For example, you can affordably lease furniture that specifically maximizes space, such as elevated bed frames (with or without drawers underneath) or shelves to go in your closet. Leasing furniture is very simple: you rent furniture for an agreed-upon payment each month until you’ve paid for it or until you return it.

Either way, the best way to maximize your space is to declutter, then bring in storage options to keep your possessions organized. After that, it’s time to decorate!

Choosing Your Color Palette

What you end up adding to your room will be dependent on its size and function—but don’t forget about the aesthetics of color either. If you’re in a temporary housing situation, you may not have control over the wall color. However, even if you can’t control the color of the walls, you can control the colors of your furniture! Leasing a set of coordinated furniture is one easy way to bring a room together with a beautiful color palette. Once you have selected the primary color palette for the furniture, the rest of your decor can accentuate that palette! For example, if you have natural or neutral-colored furniture, you can offset that with bright textiles on the bed.

But which color palette is the best? Truthfully, that is a question only you can answer. Any color can work if it complements the rest of the room, and if it shows off your style, you’ll have made your bedroom more personalized!

Be Intentional with Light

First off, if there are windows in your room, make sure nothing is obscuring their light. Update your curtains or pull up your blinds to let the light in. Next, clean the inside and the outside of the glass. If you have a desk in the room, consider moving it so that the light falls as directly as possible onto your workspace.

For the darker areas of the room, look at leasing furniture options for artificial light, such as stylish lamps, for example. Remember that the color and warmth of artificial light affect the atmosphere of the room. For instance, if you get cute string lights, you’ll have a different aesthetic than a warm, shaded lamp.

Add Art or Photos

Artwork can be both stylish and personal to you, giving your room character and accents for the furnishings you’ve already chosen. Not to mention, when you walk in, you’ll feel comforted by seeing something you can connect with. If artwork isn’t your style, you can instead hang up sentimental pictures that will remind you of loved ones and good times. Decorating your room with your favorite artwork and photographs will endear your room to you and anyone who enters.

Change it Up Seasonally

The nice thing about furniture leasing, in particular, is how you can affordably change up decorations at will. Your bedroom may look fabulous once you’ve followed all the above tips, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get tired of it after a few months. Refreshing the design of your bedroom seasonally will keep you from feeling bored or uncomfortable in your most personal space. Seasonal scents, decorative pillows, and side table decorations are a few small but impactful ways to change things up.

Don’t Neglect Your Floor

As a last piece of advice, getting a rug can add so much complexity or character to your room. Rugs don’t add any clutter, and they can also act as a way to visually separate a space. In addition, the pattern or color of your rug can perfectly complement the other pieces of furniture in your room. Last but not least, if you get a super comfy, soft rug, then even the floor could become a comfortable place to hang out!

Your bedroom, no matter how temporary, is a place you’ll spend a significant portion of your day. So why not make it a place you love spending time in? With these interior design tips, you can easily find the right accents and furnishings to improve the aesthetics of your space. Your bedroom should be your favorite room, so don’t neglect it with dull colors and oppressive darkness. Instead, brighten and liven things up! Then, no matter how you do it, your life will be brighter overall!

If you are in an apartment or temporary housing, you can lease your furniture to enjoy all the comforts of a beautiful space without having to lug furniture across the country later on. When leasing furniture and decor, remember to review the policies and take full advantage!

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