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5 Beautiful Interior Design Styles You Can Lease for Your Living Room

5 Beautiful Interior Design Styles You Can Lease for Your Living Room

If you’ve put much thought into how you want your living room to look, you’ve probably looked at pictures in catalogs and on blog posts about the different interior design styles. Have you ever thought about trying out some of your favorites in rapid succession to find the one you like best?

One of the benefits of leasing your living room furniture is that you don’t have to pay for complete furniture sets every time you want to change styles. So which ones should you start with?


Minimalist Furniture Lease

Minimalism has been growing as a trend for a while now. There’s something to be said for the lack of clutter and simplicity this interior design style offers. The focus is on the essentials and practicality, with clean lines and an overall monochromatic color scheme based on neutral colors. Other colors are used to accent the space. This interior design style works well in open floor plans and tends to incorporate lots of light.

Because of the simplicity of the design, it can feel uninviting and cold. You can combat this by combining shades and textures and incorporating different textiles into the room for added dimension and warmth.


Lease Rustic Furniture

While a minimalist style focuses more on practicality and functionality, the rustic style blends in a healthy measure of comfortability for coziness that can be tough to beat. This style features natural materials that create that country feel, such as brick, iron, copper, brass, wood (predominantly reclaimed wood), and stone. You don’t need to worry much about your furniture matching perfectly with a rustic interior design, though if it does, that’s fine too. The goal is to look warm, inviting, and comfortable, all while incorporating natural elements and neutral colors.


Lease Modern Furniture

The modern interior design style and the minimalist style share some similarities. Both lend themselves towards minimal clutter, neutral colors with accents, and relatively clean lines. You can find a mix of deliberate angles, bars, and curves throughout the modern interior design style. Smooth surfaces are prevalent throughout, with wood, glass, plastic, and metal featured heavily in the materials used. As you plan your layout, remember to incorporate negative space to enhance your modern style.


Lease Kid Friendly Furniture

If you have children, you’ll want to consider them when deciding what furniture you want to lease for your living room. Children tend to be unruly, energetic, and messy, so it’s a good idea to keep that in mind when choosing furniture.

Rather than going with one specific interior design style, you might find yourself taking a slightly more eclectic approach and opting for items that are more kid-friendly than coherent in appearance. Surfaces that are resistant to stains and scratches are a must. Patterned furniture can help hide the appearance of spills. Furniture with storage options can make keeping your living room clean so much easier. Leather pieces and pieces with rounded edges can help cut down on the injuries children might otherwise sustain, and sturdier options will stand up better to the less-than-gentle handling kids are sometimes prone to do.

In short, you need things that offer storage, are sturdy, clean easily, and are safe for little ones running around. It may not be the most put-together look, but it can be pretty practical and create a fun atmosphere to live in.


Lease Mediterranean Furniture
If you want to create a breezy, Southern European charm in your living room, Mediterranean interior design may be your new favorite style. Blending simplicity, comfort, and nature in your living room, this interior design style features colors found in nature. That could mean greys, warm sand and yellows, and terracotta colors that evoke feelings of Italy or whites, blues, olives, and lighter terracottas that feel more Greek. Wood is predominantly featured in the furniture, which is often simplistic, rustic, and comfortable.

Leasing furniture comes with a whole host of benefits. Aside from potentially being your most cost-effective option – especially in the short-term – it allows you to try out multiple interior design styles. Each style comes with its own unique aesthetic. Take advantage of this chance to find your favorite style by experimenting until you find one you fall in love with.

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