E-Online Training Tools

Below are some helpful how-to training videos on our new E-online 2.0 system. Click the link below to download the client user guide pdf.

E-Online 2.0 Pending Order Log

This video including E-Online 2.0 Updates will help you understand your pending order log, which also acts as your E-Online Home Page.

E-Online 2.0 Updates: Placing An Order

This short video will show you how to submit an order for new delivery and will include a few important updates in your E-Online 2.0.

E-Online 2.0 Updates: Navigating Closed Leases Page

This video will review a new addition to E-Online 2.0. The closed lease page. This page lists all your closed leases for the past 60 days.

E-Online 2.0 Updates: How to Request an Adjustment or Pick Up for Open Leases

This video will show you how to request an adjustment or submit a complete pickup of an open lease.

E-Online 2.0 Updates: Overview

This video will review the new updates of our E-Online 2.0.