First time renting furnishings, not sure how this works?  Let us try to answer the most commonly asked questions.

Can we swap the dining table and chairs for barstools?

Yes, just make a note at time of checkout in the box for additional delivery notes

Do you offer rental insurance or some kind of liability insurance?

We do not offer renters insurance however you can add a damage waiver to your lease.

Can we remove items that from the package that are not needed?

You can remove items however the rental rate will not change.

Can we rent for less than 3 months? / Do you have a minimum lease term?

3 month lease term is our minimum however we can pickup prior to this time.  You will be billed for the full 3 month lease term.

When do you charge my card?

Your card will be charged the day before delivery.

Are there any other additional fees not shown on the website?

See list below:

  • Houseware Installation Fee

  • Adjustment Fee

  • Move Fee

  • Same Day Rescheduling Fee

  • Delayed Stop Fee (Hourly)

  • Pet Hair Cleaning Fee


Can we substitute items?

There are some substitutions that can be made for example, dresser for a chest or dining table for barstools.

How long is the process from time of order to delivery?

The approval process is done within 2 hours and the delivery day will depend on Operations schedule.

What furniture will I receive?

Your furniture will depend on what is available in the warehouse at the time of delivery.  You are not able to choose what items you will receive.  The level of furniture will depend on which package you choose.

Is there a pickup fee?

No, the delivery fee you pay at the time of delivery includes the delivery, setup and pickup.

When is the monthly rent due?

After the initial charge, the monthly rent will be charged by the 4th of the month.