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Express Furniture Rental’s commitment to improving the customer experience leads to E-online updates

SANTA BARBARA, CA, January 23, 2013-- Express Furniture Rental today announced the launching of the latest version of their comprehensive online ordering system, E-Online 2.0. The new version, which officially rolled out on Monday, January 14th, offers significant advancements and convenience over its predecessor.

Express Furniture Rental’s notable 23% growth and significant job generation is rewarded by lender.

SANTA BARBARA, CA, February 17, 2011 -- Express Furniture Rental has been recognized with the "Small Business Award" from Cen Cal Business Finance Group in Fresno, CA. This award recognizes Express Furniture Rental’s outstanding growth in both revenue and job creation over the past 5 years. Since 2005, Express Furniture Rental has averaged annual sales growth of more than 23% and employment has expanded more than five-fold.